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And Peter said to them "Repent and be baptised every one of you in the name of THE JESUS CHRIST for the forgiveness of your sins,and you will receive the gift of HOLY SPIRIT (ACTS 2:38)


June 18, 2022 Under the scorching sun in the Jordan River, six souls have made a covenant with the Lord, accepted and declared their faith. The fruits of labour, as these souls are product of ITIAC Online Bible Ministry. Baptism is an important event in the believers walk with Christ. The Bible talks about water immersion baptism in which a believer makes a public confession of their faith. Jesus leads the way in the example of water baptism as is was stated in the Holy Scripture.


Their testimonials of faith shows that the Holy Spirit works in their lives that lead to their acceptance of a renewed Christian life. For before they are a broken pieces of puzzle but God completed it and made their life whole by experiencing the grace of the Lord, Christian life is a narrow path, full of thorns, persecution and temptations but the goodness of the Lord dwells into those who out their trust in Him. The Online Bible Study Program had gone thru depths and lengths in reaching out souls to proclaim the Gospel. God has always been faithful in the ministry, despite all obstacles. Bible study lecturers had poured enormous efforts in imparting the Biblical fundamental beliefs , Daniel and Revelation and Three angels messages. Countless of sleepless nights in Bible study and prayer had made this baptism possible. By these prescious souls we glorify the God of heaven, sharing one common goal to bring lost souls to the feet of Jesus, and to serve the King Of Peace and be not a slave of this earth.


The end is at hand, the latter rain will soon come pouring, then every eye will witness His glorious descending upon clouds in heaven. It is our fervent prayer to be included as a citizen of heaven. We will go, and find more wandering souls, like that one sheep who was save by the Shepherd when he was lost.


Jesus is Coming soon, Get involve!

By Strawberry Soriano

iTIAC Ministry script Writer and Columnist

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