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Strawberry Soriano

1 באפר׳ 2022

Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity. Psalms 133:1

Once again these saying proved its message as the Tel Aviv Seventh Day Adventist Church carried out our quarterly project called "BAYANIHAN" to perform and do general cleaning of the Church as a part of the spirit of unity and good stewardship, bond among brethren and mostly a service to our Almighty Creator. Springtime marks yet another change of season, winter slowly bids farewell, snows melting and the cool breeze of the wind starts to warm up, and so a great opportunity to shed sweat and invite everyone to dedicate their free time to clean the church. Bayanihan is a common practice amongst Filipinos. It embodies a spirit of civic unity and cooperation. Our brethren from International field also lent a helping hand in our Bayanihan project, for more hands are better and maketh a huge difference. And It is the Holy Spirit that urges us to answer the calling to help willingly in our ministry activities such as this. Windows that were dust covered and stained from the winter rain had been polished and shined anew Every nook and cranny of our House of Worship was thoroughly washed and scrubbed, no speck of dust and dirt escaped the eyes or our diligent cleaners. Floors were swept, carpets were unsoiled. The pulpit was cleaned and regularly maintained. Mothers with their children also come to help,the kitchen was impeccably clean. Church elders and board members also lend a helping hand. Every chores was divided and everyone had a place and part to partake.. T'was a worthy day indeed. An appetizing and healthy porridge was prepared to replenish everyone's energy. What a feast it was!It is with a goal that another Church activity was achieved. Keeping in mind that it is not only by sharing the Gospel that we give service to the Lord,it is with Honor aNd gratitude that we are blessed to have a House of Worship to seek refuge and do offer our Praise and Sabbath services.Maintaining the cleanliness and order of the church is an integral part of our community. Brethren it must be our desire to come forth and labor for the Lord,for whatever form of stewardship, visitations of the sick, counselling,Bible Study lessons,cleaning programme,and Gospel sharing, may we always have a strong conviction with a burning spirit to answer the calling and response "I WILL GO".

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