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Commitment to Serve

Strawberry Soriano

18 במרץ 2024

But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word. Acts 6:4

in the old and the New testament times of the Holy Bible, God has chosen people from all walks of life to perform His works for men. Who are not holy to begin with but become holy as they continue to work for the glory of God. The inward inequities, blotted with sins and the imperfection there is to find in a human hinder not these chosen people to walk with the Lord and do wondrous works for Him. Most are hesitant but God put a tremendous courage to the these people, and in return these people trusted God all the more and surrendered their lives devoting to the ministry. Appointing and being appointed to a certain position in the church is a blessing and opportunity to grow, and foster stewardship. In our present time,different

positions on our church are filled with qualified personnel.From our president of the General Conference down to the Pastors, Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses of the local churches around the world . A criteria must be met by a candidate to be

nominated by the board and thus be ordained thru an ordination ceremony. Lead by Pastor Julio Mendez, two candidates for elder, two for deacon and 11 Deaconesses was ordained last Sabbath of March 2,2024 at Tel Aviv International Seventh-day Adventist Church. Candidates for elders were Bro. Mchenga Kusowa

and Sister Joy Rojo. For deacon is Bro.Jelvis Sara.For Deaconesses were Sisters Ann Kirshner, Laarni Dator,Gina Abdormnohov, Joyfe Bushari, Ella Valdez, Elsa

Bernaldez, Mary Ann Malicse, Lea Aguila, Martha Mosoti, Bea Habiling and Renalyn Degamo. Present Elders were called in the pulpit together with Pastor Mendez to begin the ordination by laying hands and benediction of the candidates. Indeed a glorious occasion to witness the souls who profess there service for the

Lord,The Holy Spirit invokes these brethren to pursue higher grounds in cultivating their talents to be use in service.An honor to serve and be chosen. Being ordained is just the beginning of a lifetime commitment of service. We serve while we wait. Duties given to us as followers of Christ is the representation of our resolve and accountability as witness for the Lord till He comes.

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