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Strawberry Soriano

25 באוק׳ 2023

Signs of the End Time

We are at war! These words echoed into the nation of Israel and the whole world as Israeli's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed that nation in October 7, 2023. A statement which is a result of a horrendous event that happened as the sun was about to rise Sabbath morning in the souther  part of the country. 

Who would have thought that in the closing of a festive holiday falls the curtains of almost a thousand lives of men, women, children, grandparents and foreign nationals of a once quiet Kibbutzim. Who would have thought that despite the constant rocket barrage from Gaza almost everyday, will soon unveil a tragic horror of a well executed terror attack.

In the early hours of Oct.7, a day which the world will never forget,a day which left deep scars. Hamas a militia terrorist group had infiltrated the boarders of Gaza thru paragliders, broke in thru the fence. As they set foot the horror they brought about has unfold. They had fired guns, fired indiscriminately at huge crowd where a music festival is held south,people screaming,running for their lives, pleading for mercy at the hands of the terrorist who mercilessly snuffed the life out of them. Part of the group who infiltrates went to the nearest villages and force their entry at every house they see. Murdered every person at sight, held hostages.

As the situation subsides and the terrorist where subdued by the IDF who responded to the scene, piles of dead bodies are uncovered in every rubbles of burned houses,burnt corpses.The news shocked the world not only about the attack but of people of no age weren't spared from the atrocities and murderous attacks.other citizens and foreign nationals are taken hostages to Gaza by Hamas. The aftermath of this??? Fear, Uncertainty, Hopelessness, Sorrow, Hatred.

As Christians in these modern times, we are perplexed, we are saddened but we are not hopeless . We don't fear for our hoep is in the Lord our Saviour. As it was written in the Holy Scripture, these are but just a fraction oth prophecies that need to be fulfilled.More lives will be lost, not just thousands, but millions. We are not saying that the lives lost in this war are just collateral damage, these lives are taken by sin, sin that's embedded into people evolved as descendants of darkness, sins that are passes unto generations by generations to come. For what we see now is but a prelude to more sufferings and afflictions, and of persecutions int the days to come. Where they'll be hope to come?Will the morning sun be ever as brightly for anyone as it was before? We are at the beginning of the end. These warring countries, economic plunges, scarcity of natural resources, pandemic,famine,pestilence and many more to come.People of God being mock and persecuted. It happened before and will happen again or rather happening one by one. The snares of Satan is lingering, waiting for his time to further spread desolation. The call to come forth for the children of God has become even more louder. The signs of end are more evident. The call to stand firm during these difficult times  will be stronger than ever. For we know what is yet to come, for we must prepare and put the armor of God. The enemy will bring upon every terror, wear us out of our very faith, sorrounds us with every uncertainty, waiting for us to surrender our hope and ally with him. We will be tested until the very end, for there is no better glory foe the enemy sight to see us fall and renounce our faith to Jesus who rescued us of our sins. The enemy will put the blame on us, he will pounce of of every sin we have committed forcing us to think there will be no more redemption. Great disappointment had come before to the people of God,but they were given hope, just as we what we are given now. It is with our fervent prayer in bended knees and communion with Christ that we will prevail. The enemy will attack at any time, lest we depart from the presence and protection of the Holy spirit we will remained grounded.

In this times of distress we may grow weary,suffer but we will endure with the great hope. What glory awaits for His children who holds out until the very end. The latter rain will come and we must make it sure that we will be showered. Just as how Jesus suffered on the cross and prevailed, so will His children. For He had saith in Matthew 24:13 "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved".

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