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Strawberry Soriano

19 במרץ 2022

Train up a child in the way he should go,and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

A famous verse from the book of Proverbs has and will always be one of the greatest pillar of parenting that every godly parents have followed in raising their children. We start to grow as a child who wants to learn the ways of this world. We are brought first to church as a child, and we began to learn who God is as a child. And as a church we must include our children in activities, gospel sharing, sabbath school lessons and club. This the Pathfinders objective and mission to groom little children into God fearing, responsible, loving, and awakening spiritual awareness. iTIAC March 19,2022 marks the history for the Tel Aviv Seventh Day Adventist Church as it helds another milestone in celebrating its first ever Pathfinders Club inauguration and induction program. Pathfinders is a department of the SDA church which works specifically with the cultural ,social,and religious educations of children and teens.Boys and girls of 10 years above are members ofthe club allover the world. Pathfinders was founded on August 24,1950 and is currently overseen globally by the Dominican director Andre's J.Peralta. Pathfinders club is one of the department of adventist youth organisation which aims to involved children in church activities and its main purpose to introduce young people to Jesus Christ. The program helps the youngsters to develop physical , mental and spiritual awareness. These tripod of skills helps our young people to develop themselves to carry on the work of the church and bring others to the feet of Jesus. Thus, we are grateful of the youth leaders and the children ministry department that the Pathfinders club was finally and officially inaugurated in the church. The program begun by the Pathfinders marching inside the church by pairs. And as the room lit dark, the candle lighting ceremony begins. These candles represents the "spirit of pathfinding" as the staff and members lights the candle one by one while giving the appropriate meaning of each candle The solemnity of the atmosphere enveloped everyone. Surely the presence of the Holy Spirit is with us. The candles represents the spirit of reverence , training, adventure, fun, learning, awareness, and awakening to God and man.The emblem of the club was also explained what it represents. In the emblem is a sword the represents the Bible...the word of the Lord ,and a national flag that represents honor. Children and parents afterwards are given a candle as they sing "carry your candle" while lighting the candles. A word of prayer from Pastor Julio Mendez the SDA tel aviv pastor given and followed by singing the Pathfinders song accompanied by the church guitarist Sis. Aileen Serrano. iTIAC Pathfinder Director Donald Mpalika gave a heart warming message to everyone, message of hope and support to the pathfinders club mission and vision to strengthen the children of the church. A special song was rendered to serenade the spectators. Breakthrough has set once again on the Israel field, that for sure the induction will not be the last to be celebrated. Dedication and commitment of all members for the works of the Church to bring honor and glory to our Creator as the Pathfinders director left the closing remarks ,that we must not forget our children to involved in all the works of the church that they should be included as we groom little scouts into full pledge soldiers to preach the gospel to all nations.

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