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Pag-Asa sa mga Panahong Maligalig

Strawberry Soriano

6 ביוני 2022

I will Go

Preachers,Pastors,Evangelist, Literature evangelist, layman, and all Church members, all over the world are called to proclaim the Gospel. A special privilege to share the truth found in Holy Scripture, to bring people at Jesus's feet, to stand in the podium, in the pulpit, in the streets, on market place and all social media platforms to preach the undiluted Everlasting Gospel.

Social media made an enormous impact to billions of lives, changing the way we communicate, learn and even how we view the world. Relaying information had never been easier and reliable than ever. Information are accessible , we can search from A to Z by just typing a certain keyword and Google can answer it for you. Finding answers to our questions are so easy, so as misinformation. You can find everything in the Internet, a virtual webspace where we can feed our minds with learnings and ideas. It made us rely most of our life's choices, perspective and beliefs that we don't even bother to do a fact check on what we read. And the enemy exploits this platform for his grand scheme of luring people to sin. The enemy deludes us and feeds our minds with the information that we want to see and indulge our earthly pleasures. Dancing on his palms to the tune of temptation and slavery. But God is gracious and merciful indeed that HE bestowed wisdom to HIS people on how we can also take advantage of the social media for HIS ministries around the globe to preach the Gospel. God by His Spirit, empowering His Church to spread the message of salvation like a wildfire trough online ministries . And this last June 6 to 16 iTIACministry, the Tel Aviv International Seventh-day Adventist Church media ministry held a 10 day program of ONLINE BIBLE SEMINAR led by Evangelist Cesar Diaz Dizon jr. the speaker of Jesus is Coming Again Ministry YouTube channel. The Theme Of the Seminar is “Pag-Asa sa Mga Panahong Maligalig” (Hope in times of Crisis). And hundreds of people joined and listened to the said seminar trough Zoom, Facebook live and YouTube live.

Ten days were not enough for hungry souls who yearned for further truths in searching the scriptures. That’s why the itiac bible training program created a new Twas a successful Seminar leading more fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to a better understanding of the Word of God. And strengthen the unity of the church for the program was organized by the members of the church from the recording the songs that will be used for singing and special numbers, organizing the program and presiding, the nonstop chain of prayer by the prayer wariors, and members inviting and sharing the link for the online progam. And that is inspite of the nature of their work as caregivers here in Israel where schedules are unpredictable and time demanding, God is proven faithful. By His power, trough His Spirit He is Able, that’s why glory and honor belongs to Him.

In revelation 14:6-12 contains the three angels message, God’s last message of love to the sick and dying world. It says that this message is preach to all nation, kindred, tongue and people with the loud voice. This means that this message should be preach to all the world with power and urgency. Time is running, every day people are dying without hope, people are living in fear, so much suffering in the world. But God is calling, Whom shall I send, And who will go for US? itiac ministry hears the call, and with one voice with faith and trust in God that He is able, we will answer the call, I Will Go!

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